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What We Do

Why radio? The value of a radio campaign comes from the exposure that you receive from the tastemakers of the radio world and the audiences they reach. This exposure helps with securing label deals, building audiences in markets for touring purposes, and bringing greater awareness to your newest release.


Airplay Junkie is a radio promotion company that focuses on College/Non-Commercial and Alternative Specialty radio campaigns.


Our College/Non-Commercial radio campaigns last either 4 or 8 weeks with a focus on the top NACC reporting stations across the United States and Canada.


Our Alternative Specialty campaigns last 6 weeks and focus on the tastemaker shows that grace commercial and non-commercial stations across the country. 


We also include tour and promotional support for all of our clients including in studio performances, phone interviews, giveaways, and any other opportunities to bring more awareness to our clients and their tours.


For a list of our past and current successes, check out our roster.


Impacting Radio Now

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